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Invisalign đã điều trị cho hơn 3 triệu người. Nghĩa là có hơn 3 triệu câu chuyện Invisalign khác nhau.Một số trong đó được nêu ở đây.

Sẵn sàng bắt đầu câu chuyện của bạn? Tìm Nha sĩ Invisalign gần bạn.


Estee Teo, Sales and Marketing Manager of an FMCG company

"Due to the nature of my job, it requires me to mix around with a lot of people. With the Invisalign treatment, my teeth became a lot straighter and I am more confident in smiling and talking to people."


Clara Song, Beauty Blogger and Free-lance Make-up artist

"After undergoing Invisalign treatment, my wedding photoshoot looks really nice with a lot of big smiles in my photos. I would definitely recommend Invisalign treatment compared to normal braces."


Lawrence Wong, Actor

"Invisalign has indeed changed my life. It fits into my work schedule perfectly, almost no one could tell that I was correcting my teeth. I would highly recommend this to everyone."


Rita Zahara, Business Woman, Former news broadcaster

"Aligners are not intrusive at all as it is nearly transparent. It is kind of like a talking point when you meet people."


Lola Barber, Student

"I have been using Invisalign Teen and it has been a great experience. My friends love my new smile. My sister is 16 years old and she’s also been using Invisalign Teen and we love the progress that our teeth have made."

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